The Collected Essex County - Jeff Lemire Sad but delightful collection of stories about fragments of lives related to Essex County. The bleak art makes it even more beautiful.
Dead Beat - Jim Butcher But far one of my favorites of Dresden's books. It's always a downer to see how sexist is Harry, but I can't help but like him anyway. The story is great and really engrossing but it missed Murphy! Harry is so much better when she's around.
The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman I love how Neil Gaiman makes me believe that the world has magic, even when doesn't means a good thing. In this book he tells a compelling story about remembrance of a kid that experimented - and endured - strange events when he was seven. It's a sad, and sometimes terrifying, story. But, still, beautiful and a perfect exemplar of Gaiman's works.

O Segredo dos Seus Olhos

O Segredo dos Seus Olhos - Eduardo Sacheri,  Joana Angélica D'Ávila Melo Excelente livro! Aconselho a leitura mesmo que já se tenha o visto o filme nele baseado, por ser uma história surpreendente acerca da natureza humana. E os fatos narrados no livro através de dois períodos de tempo - separados e paralelos mas não completamente - têm como pano de fundo uma das muitas ditaduras que assolaram a América Latina na década de 60. Para aqueles que gostam de história, boa narração e mistérios, encontra-se aqui um prato cheio.
Night - Marion Wiesel, Elie Wiesel This is a hard book to read, mostly because its contents. It isn't brilliant written, but achieves its goal. However, still is important to read such reports, so we never forget that humanity can be cruel and how is important not to lose hope. Also, to remind us how lucky we are, even if sometimes we don't see it.
All the President's Men - Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward Wow, great book about an amazing investigative jornalistic work. Make you believe politicians are the worst people when they have power and that, if you believe, it's always possible to uncover the truth.
Dark Star - Bethany Frenette This is a great book of urban-paranormal, an easy YA read. the story really captivated me! The main character have a great development and most of the dialogues are really fun to read.
Mind's Eye: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery (Inspector Van Veeteren Mysteries) - Hakan Nesser The case is good, but I didn't like the narration and Van Veeteren very much.
North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell I never expected to like this book so much. So richly written and with broad themes besides the romantic life of its heroin. Indeed a classic!
The Spy Who Came In from the Cold - John le Carré This is an excellent spy book, I'm really impressed.
Casino Royale - Ian Fleming So, I tried to ignore all the misogyny because, you know, written in the fifties, but still the book isn't really good. Mostly because Bond is really a bad spy, jeez. Maybe after all that happened in this book will he be better? Not really counting on it. 
Young Avengers Presents - Harvey Tolibao, Paul Cornell, Brian Reed, Alan Davis, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Mark Brooks, Paco Medina The kids are cute. :)
The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes What this book seems to show is that we certainly leave marks on people's lives, and not always are the best ones.
Dom Casmurro - Machado de Assis Eu entendo a importância desse romance para a literatura brasileira e como Machado de Assis a representa, mas esse não é meu tipo de livro. Nem tenho uma razão lógica para justificar, mas acho que saber demais da vida do autor (como, por exemplo, que renegava a sua origem e raça) fez com que eu não (re)lesse o livro como deveria.
Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell What the author did with the language here is very impressive, and the way of tell the story is unique, conecting apparently unrelated stories by its characters, making the book interesting and different.
Vidas Secas - Graciliano Ramos Apesar de ser uma narrativa de uma simples história de uma família que sofre os efeitos da seca no sertão, Vidas Secas demonstra o talento de Graciliano Ramos, que conta a história por meio de belos capítulos que, mesmo autônomos, dão continuidade a história triste de Fabiano e sua família.

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