Blood Rites - Jim Butcher I think this was the most emotional of all Dresden’s books. It’s much more about him that the others, what certainly made me enjoyed immensely. Know about Dresden was important since his first books, because what he tell us don’t really counts. Now, some things are clearer. Also, I loved the this book had a lot of Murphy working with Harry, despite his comments [and his thoughts!] about her, but this being a book mostly for men I already expected something like that. And give Harry a brother was really good, despite the fact Thomas is a vampire. Poor thing, it’s not really his fault to born in such fuck up family. Maybe now Harry will stop to feel so lonely all the time, so he will stop to feel in love with people like Susan.
And, at last, it’s a fact that Harry born to be an outcast, so this can’t be attributed only for his charming personality. :)

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